Born and raised in NYC, Veronica Alvericci is an LA-based kids stylist & micro fashion curator. Growing up in the fashion and music capitol, creativity and individualism was constantly all around her. From commuting every day on the 7 train to school in the village or being a club kid -- music and fashion was inescapable. This ultimately formed the foundation that led her to a career in the entertainment and fashion industry and where she draws constant inspiration. 

Veronica's path into the creative world started in the music marketing arena including stints at Atlantic Records to join their growing online division. She spearheaded online campaigns for artists such as T.I., Trey Songz, Sean Paul, Simple Plan, and Missy Elliott among other artists on the Atlantic Records roster. She went on to work on branding campaigns including album launches for artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Lil' Kim, Fat Joe just to name a few. 

During her 10 + years in the music industry she specialized in client relations, artist development, tracking trends, being an influencer and collaborating with industry gatekeepers. 

Veronica collaborated with world-renowned stylists and photographers to mold and hone the distinct characters of the artists she represented. From marketing to A&R, her background and expertise provided the ultimate platform to launch her latest career as a curator of fashion. Bridging her bi-coastal sensibilities are what make her a desired stylist and a favorite to clients. 

Along with creative directing and styling editorial spreads for Minioutfitter, Hooligans and Mini Maven Magazine, Veronica also curates a micro fashion social media platform. Via this platform she provides the latest trends in the kids fashion world focusing on creating looks using an assortment of global children's brands, which has established her as a rising star and credible source in the kids wear game. She also serves as a guest contributor to magazines such as Posh Kids and Hooligans Magazine. 


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